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Vibrant Vapours Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquid
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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits




What Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit do I Choose?

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Well there are many e-cigs on the market, here at Vibrant Vapours we have picked just 1. Th we believe to be the best ENIC’s (Electronic Nicotine Imitation Cigarette) available. If you have never tried an electronic cigarette then we suggest you do! The world of “vaping”is for you.
We have a great range of Kits, check out our Valiant C and our Vibrant tabs in the menu on the left!
Starter kits from £19.99

The Valiant-C is a practical vapers dream and leads the way in state of the art design and functionality. The clearomizers hold 1.6 ml of e-liquids and it comes with 3.  Perfect to get you started.

The Valiant-C is our Flagship Electronic Cigarette


Our Liquid Ranges

As a company our main concern is always the quality of liquid.  We could stock liquid at £1.99 per 10 ml or even £3.99 for 10ml BUT WE DONT.  We know whats in that cheap liquid so we avoid it.  Instead we buy only the best quality from our suppliers and sadly it costs a little more.  But it is worth it 100% (and its still much much cheaper than your old smoking habit)



our Decadence liquid is made in Swansea, with UK ingredients and EU food flavourings.  it is of the highest qaulity and a premium liquid.  Made to our own specification we add double flavour at no extra charge making these liquids great value.  Our liquids such as Peach, Golden moments & Welsh pipe have been reviewed by "Famous" e-cig guru's and loved by them.  Our DY4 has even made it onto the Vapour Trails TV show and is a loved daily vape for the host.



it is no secret that our Vision range is imported.  But unlike other suppliers of "Cheap liquid" such as dekang & hangsang our liquid comes FDA registered (only 2 factories hold this certification in China).  The nicotine is extracted in-house under the same roof as the liquid is made ensuring outstanding quality. This liquid is premium in its own right, but it costs us less and that makes it cheaper for you to buy.


All products are CE certified. Vibrant Vapours Limited is a member of RHOS and show due diligence in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.© Vibrant Vapours Limited 2012 , Company No. 08131815, Registered in England & Wales. Vibrant Vapours Limited own the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all material and content on this website. WARNING: Vibrant Vapours Limited do not make claims that the electronic cigarette is to be used as a smoking cessation devise. The electronic nicotine imitation cigarette (ENIC) serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette by delivering its user nicotine. We recommend you visit your local NHS provider should you wish to discuss Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Vibrant Vapours Limited is not a pharmaceutical company does not produce or manufacture medical products.