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    Leading Retail supplier of Electronic cigarettes and accessories, shops in Swansea, Carmarthen & Hereford. Our reach travels the whole country where our products can be seen on the shelves of re-sellers far and wide.

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    The problem in this industry is that you never know where your products are from, the supplier may well be based in their bedroom selling cheap products which are dangerous and untested, or a Market stall who is secretive about his supplier, and rightfully so as you would never buy them if you knew.
  • The problem can be worse than that where you buy what you believe to be a genuine product, and it turns out to be counterfeit. This was highlighted on local stores where one was closed down by Trading standards for selling fake items.
  • Not at Vibrant Vapours! we have nothing to hide, our suppliers are public knowledge and we are proud to tell you who they are. We are in the public eye and buy direct from manufacturers, Trading standards are happy with our suppliers and service, we are seen on companycheck.co.uk so customers can see we are a real company with accounts on-time and all of our products are CE certified. Vibrant Vapours Limited is a member of RHOS and show due diligence in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

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    WARNING: Vibrant Vapours Limited do not make claims that the electronic cigarette is to be used as a smoking cessation devise. The electronic nicotine imitation cigarette (ENIC) serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette by delivering its user nicotine. We recommend you visit your local NHS provider should you wish to discuss Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

    Vibrant Vapours Limited is not a pharmaceutical company does not produce or manufacture medical products.

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  • Head Office Location
    31 King Street, Carmarthen,
  • 33 Princess Way, Swansea
  • Maylord Shopping Center, Hereford

  • Hours of Operation
    • Mon - Sat
      09:30 am - 17:30 pm 
    • (10 to 6 for Carmarthen store)
    • Sunday

  • Available Parking
    Public Car Parks are close

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Working at Vibrant

Working at Vibrant Vapours is a great way to turn your hobby into a passion, meeting new people and sharing your success in vaping with the masses. We are a small team, we all work hard and working here will mean you are directly responsible for the revenue we earn. At Vibrant you are not a cog in a money turning machine. You are a direct part in helping feed the families of the people you work with.

We do not have job titles, there are no real Managers, supervisors or chains of command as such. Simply put we are different, everyone is expected to pull their weight and chip in, Directors included!

Our staff have uncapped earning potential with our BONUS Scheme. 

To work with us you will need:
  1. Drive and Passion for your work
  2. An interest in Vaping and the products we sell
  3. Willingness to learn all aspects of running a shop.
  4. Confidence is key, you will spend much of your time lone-working and serving customers.
  5. Great at Multi-Tasking. You will have jobs to complete, customers to serve, paperwork to finalise and a shop to clean, all by closing time.... this means you need to keep calm, not loose your head and plough through to get things done. Can you do that?
  6. Interest in Finances. All of our staff know exactly what each shop is doing, your interest in your store and the company will help with up-selling products and getting more customers through the door.
  7. and finally, BE LIKEABLE, its a strange request but if you are good with your team and liked by your customers then you will go far in helping us grow. 
Our staff enjoy discounted products, and a job without interference (providing you complete your job well of course). But your working day is your own, its like having your own shop and if your doing well.... you may even forget the company has directors.

ALL APPLICATIONS to: customerservices@vibrant-vapours.com
Download, print and complete by hand our APPLICATION form HERE
Vegan Information

Vibrant Vapours is run by its Vegan Owners. As a result we have ensured all of our Liquids are Vegan E-Liquids, but to be clear the ranges include - Vape Buddy, Decadence, 4 Seasons, DVVG, Art Blends and Shake and Vape which all contain no Animal Products.

Although we follow strict rules on what can and can not be on our bottles, "suitable for Vegans is not listed yet", we are working with our supplier to get this rectified but we can however confirm that our PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) are NOT Animal Derived and are Plant Based and our ingredients are natural where plant based and artificial for creams e.t.c so animal products are not used.

Whats more, we have extensively checked and continue to monitor that our products in the raw form, from our suppliers are not tested on animals.

Vegans support an ethical and more compassionate future of our planet and of humanity. We support this! by telephoning us on 0845 557 8210 and stating you are a fellow Vegan, we will happily offer you a 5% Discount on your purchase with us.

Thank you

Richard & Carys 
Owners of Vibrant Vapours

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